a character creater portrait of a woman with brown hair and glasses in front of a trans pride flag Philo's Website

Hi, I'm Philomena (Филоме́на)!
Welcome to my homepage!
I'm a hacker, photographer, trans girl, and an oscilloscope enthusiast.
I write mainly in English, but I can make myself understood en español (con un accento extraño ecuatoriana-estaunidense) and can read the Cyrillic alphabet.
Some things I've made and done that I think are cool, in no particular order:
Under no circumstances may any material distributed through this website – textual, photographic, or otherwise – be used in any blockchain-related technology, including, but not limited to non-fungible tokens, cryptocurrency, or future innovations in that technological space.

I'm on Mastodon (Taco Bell Labs), Cohost, BlueSky, Twitter (replies/likes only; no new posts), and GitHub if you'd like to see more of my madness.
If you'd like to keep up with my writing outside of social media, I have a RSS feed

My very cool friends: