a character creater portrait of a woman with brown hair and glasses in front of a trans pride flag Philo Gray's Website

Hi, I'm Philomena (Филоме́на)!
Welcome to my homepage!
I'm a hacker, photographer, trans girl, and an oscilloscope enthusiast.
I write mainly in English, but I can make myself understood en español (con un accento extraño ecuatoriana-estaunidense) and can read the Cyrillic alphabet.
Some things I've made and done that I think are cool, in no particular order:
Under no circumstances may any material distributed through this website – textual, photographic, or otherwise – be used in any blockchain-related technology, including, but not limited to non-fungible tokens, cryptocurrency, or future innovations in that technological space.

I'm on Twitter, Mastodon (Taco Bell Labs), Cohost, and GitHub if you'd like to see more of my madness.

My very cool friends: