Philo's Stories

"Estrogen and Brimstone"

cw: demons, tf, blood

it's late on a Tuesday night in the middle of the semester and you're crying into your cup noodles for the second time this week

this isn't working.
the whole semester's falling apart around you, and you just know your family's going to be so disappointed in you

you have an exam tomorrow and need to study, but you just can't concentrate on Calc 2
turning a page, its oddly sharp edge cuts your finger, sending a drop of blood onto a poorly-drawn integral sign

the poorly-sealed window of your dorm room rattles, and with a sound like a thunderclap, she appears in front of you
she looms over you
you look up at her perfect body and her beautiful face... and pair of horns curling from her head

you wish you could be as beautiful as her, but you've resigned yourself to growing up into a man

she grabs your shoulder, her claw-like nails pushing through your hoodie
suddenly, you feel truly happy for the first time in ages
you look down and see a beautiful woman

you touch your breasts and feel a jolt of pleasure, but then you suddenly snap back to a body you hate in a dark dorm room

"I was like you once and I want to help you" she says, offering you a bottle of estradiol pills with your name on it

"but I know you can get that from a doctor and you summoned me longing for a faster way"
"but.. but I didn't summon you; you just appeared here. you're just a depressive hallucination" you say, trying and failing to swing your hand through her

"I felt your longing for change and your blood sealed the summoning"

she offers you a bottle of a smoking crimson liquid
before she has a chance to say anything else, you take the bottle, uncork it, and down it in a single gulp

it burns your mouth and throat, but you know it's everything you've secretly hoped for
"I was going to warn you, but it's too late now"
"warn me about what?" you ask, burping up a cloud of red smoke

"you'll become one of us"
"what does that entail exactly?"

"you'll serve in her thrall-"
"her? I thought Satan was a guy?"
"you're not the first one to use demonic power for gender"
"okay cool, go on"
"horns, powers, long lived, uh... oh right mortal relationships get funky"
"not that I really had any of those anyway"

you step forward and she embraces you, your old form crumbling to ash behind you, power coursing between you
as your horns nearly scrape against the ceiling with how tall you've become, you know that this is right and who you truly want to be

"one more thing: you can now be summoned"
"oh no, I hate being on call"
"it isn't too bad; you can only be summoned if someone uses your Name in a ritual or if it's clear they're thinking of you when they do the summoning"

the next morning, another student wakes up to a strong smell of sulphur from the medical single room next door
he knocks on the door, and getting no answer, calls Housing
inside, they find a pile of ash on the carpet

"he must've been struck by ball lightning, I've never seen anything like it" says the janitor

you skip your own funeral
setting foot in a church robs you of your powers and gives you a terrible migraine, and it would be strange and awkward anyway

a week later, you lay a bouquet of black roses on the grave of the boy you once were
it hurts to set foot on sanctified ground like that, but you feel the need to pay your respects and move on

you feel like your horns are being tugged on
by some power you're still not used to yet, you find yourself in the kitchen of a small apartment, looking down on a girl wearing a hoodie
"why have you called upon me, mortal?" you ask, your voice dropping to an octave you've never reached before

"wh-h-h-o are you, what a-a-re-" began the bookworm, her glasses sliding down her face as she stares at you, mouth agape
"not now..." you say, bringing a crimson and well manicured finger & nail to your lips

"what do you desire?" you ask, mouth curling on the last phrase as your tail flicks impatiently

Suz was not ready for a 7ft tall demoness to walk into her room while she was cramming for a Calc 3 exam, but she is by no means disappointed

it's your first real call and you're still getting used to your new body
you know the role; it'd played out in so many fantasies
you're overjoyed as you discover that the lust and yearning is better than you ever could've imagined