Philo's Stories

"How did I get here?"
cw: body swap, forcefemming
[even though it's written in the first person, the protagonist is not the author]

after a long night watching shōnen anime and procrastinating on classwork, I toss and turn like I always do and eventually fall asleep, feeling depressed and empty

I slowly drift awake in a room that smells faintly of lavender and push the strangely heavy blankets off myself

as I push them off, they tickle the smooth skin of my arms, which had been covered in hair yesterday
I stumble out of bed and look around a room that I've never seen before, a fair bit larger than the bedroom of my meager student apartment

I would look around more and try to puzzle out where I am and how I got here, but I desperately need to use the toilet
I burst out the door and find the bathroom

I catch sight of my reflection in the mirror and my confusion deepens

the first thing I notice is that I now have long hair in an unnaturally deep red
then I stare at the unfamiliar face that's reflected back at me
I smile and giggle a bit, excited by how cute the person looking back at me is

I'm a girl now, I guess.

feeling a bit more awake, I begin to look around and see a note on the table next to the bed
I reach toward it and it leaps into my hand, effortlessly defying gravity
it simply says "have fun~ ❤️"

I think I can do that as a hot girl who can seemingly ignore physics.

I slap myself to make sure I'm not dreaming
it stings and I'm pretty confident that I'm actually awake

I reach for the pen next to the note and it too begins to jump through the air towards me
I stare at it, it stops in midair, and then it plummets to the floor when I look away

okay, so I can levitate things. what else can I do?
as if in answer to my unspoken question, a spiral-bound notebook with strange symbols on the cover leaps into my hand and opens to a page covered in densely-packed notes detailing more spells

her (my?) handwriting is a bit of a mess, and there are some parts that I'm unsure if they're runes or abbreviations, but I think I get the gist of it

even though I know this body and apartment and powers aren't mine and I'm just pretending, it all feels comfortable and right

on a hanger in the closet, I find a black dress, which I put on and do a little twirl
as I spin, the hem flares up more than pure centrifugal force should allow
in its pocket, which feels impossibly large for the space that exists inside the dress, I find some dark lipstick

looking in the mirror, I touch the black lipstick to my lips and smile as it instantly fills them with a perfectly-formed shadow
I put on a pair of platform boots that were placed neatly under the bed, which tie themselves as I slip them on

on top of the dresser sits a pointed witch hat, which I put on and feel what's either spells or excitement wash over me

I'm now a hot witch and I feel unstoppable

I take the broom leaning next to the door and head outside

from the sidewalk out front of the apartment building, I kick off and take to the skies
the thrill of riding the broom is like nothing I've ever felt before and steering it proves to be a bit difficult
as the ground unfolds below me, I recognize that I'm near my uni's campus

I shakily steer myself towards my apartment and end up crashing through the window
as I ponder my situation and try to remember whether either of my roommates are here this weekend, I remember one of the spells from the notebook to fix the window I smashed on my way in

I trace a half-remembered rune on a shard of glass, and the pane reassembles itself
I watch for a moment, and it seems to hold

I look for my phone and wallet on my desk, but they're gone
I guess I'm stuck in this hot witch's life and she's stuck in the life that was mine

I probably got the better end of this trade, but.. what does a witch do for a living?

as I leave the apartment, I tap the lock with my finger and hear it give a satisfying click as magic forces the pins into position

when I get home, I look around around her (my?) apartment and find the answer to my question from earlier: this particular witch is studying electrical engineering and does some light industrial espionage

feeling tired after a long day of witchcraft and detective work on myself, I fall asleep in her faintly lavender-smelling bed
I awake to the sun peeking out from behind curtains and realize immediately that I'm back to normal, back home as the guy I was

as I start to cry, thinking that it was actually a dream, I notice a pill bottle on my desk with two blue ovals in it
a note sits next to it in handwriting I recognize from her notebook, and reads "if you liked that (I know you did), take these and call me ~❤️"

I slip the pills under my tongue and dial her number