Philo's Stories

"Magical Girl With An Unusual Source Of Power"
this was originally written in response to this prompt on Cohost

the first sign something was up with the new magical girl was that all the close-up videos of her saving the city were all unusually grainy, even though it happened in broad daylight.
the next sign was a child she saved from falling off a building during a kaiju attack being admitted to the hospital with unusual symptoms that turned out to be acute radiation poisoning. officials initially blamed it on the kaiju, which was believed to have been created by nuclear weapons testing, but something didn't quite add up.

a month later, a grainy form the same height as the new magical girl was spotted on security cameras stealing partially-spent fuel rods from the pool at a nuclear reactor. to avoid widespread panic and to not turn public opinion against them, atomic energy officials did not publicize the incident and instead massively stepped up monitoring with geiger counters. as they swept a beach in search of potentially buried fuel rods, a kaiju waded ashore and, oddly if the earlier theories were to be believed, radiation levels barely increased above background. amidst the panic, the magical girl arrived to save the day and one scientist noticed the needle on his geiger counter was pegged all the way to the right.

it proved difficult to arrest the magical girl, since she was only radioactive (and thus easy to locate) while transformed, and nobody had watched her transform. it took months of planning to stage a building collapse to trap her in a lead-lined box, but they did eventually arrest her. she plead not guilty to charges of reckless endangerment and violation of nuclear regulatory commission regulations and her lawyers declined a request for comment. a ruling in her case is due from a federal judge tomorrow and rumors are already circulating of protests if she is found guilty.