Philo's Stories

"Greater Plans for You"

this was written in response to the prompt: Magical Girl Who Accidentally Activated A Sleeper Agent

Emily had always envied magical girls' beauty, strength, power, and grace, and she always hoped she could become one. as the years slipped by and she grew from a girl into a young woman, her chance of becoming a magical girl slipped away and her resentment grew stronger.
the night before her eighteenth birthday, she had a dream unlike any she'd had before. a shadowy, ever-changing form came to her and offered her a deal, speaking more in concepts in her sleeping mind than in its unnaturally echoey voice.
"is this it? will I become a magical girl?" she asked.
"no, we have much greater plans for you; much greater than any magical girl could hope to be" the shadow replied.
she accepted its proposition with a vague affirmative thought and sunk deep into sleep with no more dreams that night. as she awoke that morning, the dream faded from her mind and memory and she thought nothing of it.

years pass and Emily moves to the city, far away from the stifling small town she grew up in. she works as a barista in a café, and every morning, a woman comes in who makes her too flustered to operate the espresso machine. Emily doesn't notice it the first few times, but this woman looks just as flustered as she is about her, and she finally gets the courage to ask for her number. they go on a date, and another, and another, by which point they've completely fallen for each other.

one night while cuddling, her girlfriend finally gets up the courage to tell her something she's been keeping from her for as long as they've known each other. she takes a deep breath and says "babe.. I'm a magical girl." Emily hesitates for a moment before saying "that's so cool!" and hugs her, hoping that she's not making this weird and that she said the right thing. "what's your transformation like?" she asks, genuinely fascinated, mostly having outgrown her jealousy of magical girls.
her girlfriend transforms in a flash of white light and shimmering sparkles in the air around her. as the sparkles clear, she looks at Emily, who looks back at her with a look of uncontained rage. her eyes have changed from their usual brown to a deep purple, and this only makes her glare stronger.
"it's time for your lies about protecting us to end." Emily says, her voice echoing slightly in a way that it can't naturally.
"what?" her girlfriend asks, more confused by than scared of Emily's sudden change.
in lieu of an answer, Emily grabs her wrists and shoves her against a wall with a strength she never had before.
"oh, fuck." she mutters to herself and braces for a very interesting evening with Emily.