Philo's Stories


SCP-#### (Safe) is approximately 3.6 million wax-paper packets that each contain what appears to be a mint-condition NYC Subway token of the "small Y" design issued between 1953 and 1970
the front and back of an old NYC subway token with the letter Y cut out of it on a sheet of graph paper next to a ruler and a paper packet labeled as expiring in 10/1986

the packets are marked with a line drawing of the subway token on one side and a lot number and expiration date (no examples have been found with dates later than 10/1986)
upon exposure to air, the token rapidly oxidizes in a manner consistent with legitimate tokens

when placed on or under the tongue of a human(oid) subject, the token dissolves with a minty taste and within two minutes of first tasting mint, the user and everything they are carrying are teleported behind the turnstile line at the nearest NYC Subway station

if the user has a destination in mind, they are teleported to the correct side of the station for the optimal route to that destination
users have reported disorientation, dehydration, and headaches after teleportation

these symptoms can be lessened through painkillers and familiarity with the destination station

the tokens caught the attention of the Foundation after a DEA raid on a warehouse in northern New Jersey and were initially mistaken for lactase due to the similarity of packaging

when used further than 50 kilometers from the nearest NYC Subway station, subjects are not teleported and have reported a metallic taste and a stabbing pain in their appendix
MRI scans have determined that a metallic object consistent with a token has become lodged there