Philo's Stories

"Good Girl (Tactical)"

this story is entirely lesbian erotica. please only click to view if you are of age and want to read that sort of thing.
she stares hungrily at me as I take off my shirt
as I reach for my bra, she decides I'm moving too slowly and reaches for it too, her touch on my skin stopping me in my tracks
she unclasps it and tosses it to the floor
she cups my breasts with her hands for a moment before getting to the task at hand

she clasps the throat mic around my neck with a soft click, tight enough to pick up my voice, but not quite tight enough to choke me
her fingers slip underneath the mic strap and she sharply pulls me forward
"when you're collared up, you're my good girl, understand?"
I reach for where the button to key the mic would be if I was fully suited up and whisper "yes, ma'am"
she lets go and I fall back towards the wall for a second before I catch myself

I put the earpiece in my ear so I'll never be without my mistress' words
she whispers my name into the microphone of the headset hanging around her neck and I smile

before she even asks me to, I obediently turn around and just know that she's smiling slightly too
she grabs the mic strap again and plugs the connector in, the subtle click making me feel connected
she runs her finger down my spine just to hear the sound I make before running a thin cable down it and taping it there with medical tape
with another soft click, she plugs the cable into the radio at my belt, connecting me to the radio repeater on the tower outside

she hands me a black sports bra
"can't have you uncomfortable out there, can we?~"
"of course not, miss" I reply, pulling it on and adjusting it to be just right
next comes a dark shirt made of some modern miracle material that feels almost like spiderwebs against my skin
it's soft and feels comforting while still being strange

I put on my boots and as I turn to head out, she kisses me on the cheek, leaving a dark red lipstick mark that's out of place with my tactical attire
"there'll be more of that when you get back~" she says
she adjusts her headset and pulls up up maps on her computer
"be a good girl for me out there~" she says, her voice coming to me both through the air and over the radio
"yes, ma'am" I reply with the mic keyed, sending my voice to her both ways