Philo's Stories

"Witchy Action at a Distance"

Amber takes off her heavily-enchanted pointed hat and goes to bed yearning for Madison, her far-away girlfriend
"just five more days" she keeps muttering
even though she's excited to finally be with her, she's afraid that the secrets she's been keeping from her will ruin things

her worries keep her awake, but she eventually drifts off to sleep

Amber wakes up, covered in sweat and with traces of magical exertion fading from her body, in the middle of the night with her head against a pillow much softer than the one she fell asleep on

in the darkness, she makes out the shape of a blåhaj and what she would mistake for just a pile of blankets if she couldn't feel the web of spells centered on it
the spells feel familiar in a way she can't quite place, but she's tired and drifts back to sleep

the morning sun shining through the window wakes her up and a moment later she finds Madison gazing into her eyes
"good morning, babe" Amber says and leans in for a kiss
the magic on her lips instantly banishes her worries that she wouldn't love her for who she is

"you're not just a clueless lesbian; you're a clueless witch too" she says, kissing and wrapping her arms around her

the lesbian fluttering in Amber's heart soon takes a dip, though
she's halfway across the country from home with just the pajamas she's wearing..

and the powers of two gay witches.

although she's a couple inches taller than Madison, the dress she borrows fits well

taking a blue Pilot G2, Amber draws a set of sigils on a sheet of paper
she taps the page and watches it ripple and fill with text from her grimorie

"did you just invent Hex-11 forwarding, you massive dork?" Madison asks
"it takes one to know one, and yes, yes I did" she replies, leaning in for yet another kiss

Madison sits down next to her, looks at her spells, and starts to weave a spell in her grimorie to help

"you left it on top of your notebook, eh?"
"I'm pretty sure I did, but let's see"
Amber makes a stroke with her pen to cast the spell they prepared
her cellphone floats up through the sheet of paper and she catches it

"since that worked, can I get home through the same trick?"

"you need a witch on the other side to pull you through and you have to *want* to go there"
"so I yearned my way into your bed?"
"yes, you big lesbian, you"

she finally decides to look at the phone she spent so much effort summoning

on it, she finds a normal night's worth of posting and memes in the group chats she's in and some worried messages from a friend who noticed she wasn't in class that morning

"don't worry; I just overslept. but there's something I'll need your help with" she texts to her friend

"oh?" Emily replies
"is that hat I saw you wearing out on the quad just for show, or are you 🪄🧙‍♀️️🕸️?"
"🧙‍♀️️ and I'm pretty out about it too"
"Em, I'm as much a clueless witch as I'm a clueless lesbian, okay"

"anyway, I yearned for Madi so hard that I teleported to her place and need you to summon me back so I don't miss class tomorrow" Amber continues
"I think I can do that. normal circle and candles setup, right?"
"yeah. text again when you're ready"

after a wonderful morning with her girlfriend, Amber stands in the center of a chalk circle and braces herself as Madison pushes and Emily pulls
she feels something clawing downwards at her and then appears, slightly dehydrated, on the floor of Emily's apartment

Emily puts a necklace with a smooth dark green stone around Amber's neck
"I don't want you pulling that same stunt again by accident, okay? this should dampen spells you cast while sleeping"
"yeahhh. thank you"

the next couple of days are filled with academic work for Amber and seem to last an eternity before she picks Madison up at the airport
"I missed you, babe" Madison says
"I missed you too" Amber replies, leaning in for a kiss

she takes her girlfriend to a witchy café that Emily told her about, where even the spells in the air seem to smell of coffee
with a snap of her fingers, she makes the shape of a heart appear in the foam of Madi's latte