Philo's Stories


every day that she's been away on her trip to the west coast, I've missed her more and more

in a hotel room in Seattle, she boots up her thinkpad, plugs in the interface, and connects it to her implant, making its fans spin up

link lights flash furiously on the servers and switches in my bedroom as she makes her way into my mind

I feel her thoughts brush up against mine as I look into her eyes on the grainy webcam video and start to blush
we're together and it's lovely, but something's still missing

"you're so cute today; I wanna kiss you so badly, but you're so far away" I say
her thoughts seem to retreat back into her head half a continent away
from the faint feeling I still have, she's rummaging for a memory of an idea

"you have opengl on your servers, right?"

"open girls' love? yeah, I think so"
she sighs as I make finger guns and I can feel her disappointment through the network

she starts to poke around in the servers that contain a significant portion of my thoughts, making the link lights flash even faster

as the lights start to calm down, she smiles mischievously
"I guess I am" I reply nervously

her answer sends the fans on my servers to a deafening roar

she leans towards her webcam and then through it, her head coming out of my laptop's screen

we start to kiss and her arms embrace me, pulling her through onto my bed

I cuddle and embrace her, rolling around on the blankets, her skin soft against mine

as we roll and I end up on top of her, my body sinks through her onto the bed and my heart sinks

"no, I'm not really here, but I'd hoped you'd like it"

"I love this; I love you. I just need a way to truly believe that I'm with you, and I don't care what it takes"
"if you say so" she says, her form flickering a bit

in a moment, I'm too gay to think about her not actually being here
we kiss and cuddle, somehow always avoiding any angle that her software can't trick my brain into believing

"this is too wonderful to put into words"

"who needs words when you can just be gay?" she says, hugging me more tightly than should actually be possible