Philo's Stories

Bell Labs Escapee
This one is less a story and more a vague thread of posts that served as my initial worldbuilding.

type of GF with powers beyond consensus reality who escaped from Bell Labs

messing with the flow of time to cuddle longer

you love her, but you'd be lying if you said you weren't afraid of her after what she did to the AT&T enforcers sent to take her back to the lab

whenever you tell her she's cute, random objects start to float into the air and then crash to the ground when she notices

when you kiss, you float a few inches off the ground
she's a couple inches taller than you and doesn't want to have to bend down

when she holds your hand, the watch on your wrist starts to tick backwards

as any trans person can tell you, cis people can be remarkably oblivious, and the same goes for most people seeing someone casually defy the laws of physics
they somehow ignore the lesbians levitating down the street and go on with their life