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My stories:
Title Twitter Continuity (roughly)
Bell SCP Labs
Secret Trains
Bell Labs Escapee Witchcraft
Road Trip!
Magic HRT!
The Lathe of Heaven
Stanley R. Mickelsen Safeguard Complex
«Time Hortons»
Untitled Witch Worldbuilding Witchcraft
The Four Rochesters
"How did I get here?" Witchcraft
Mt. Sisyphus
"75Ω Love" 75Ω
Bog Witch Witchcraft
"6U of Lesbianism" 75Ω
SCP-#### (Outlook) SCP
Time Witch Witchcraft
"The Battery"
a collaboration with @l1lyposting
"Estrogen and Brimstone"
"Telepresence" 75Ω
"Witchy Action at a Distance" Witchcraft
"Seat 13F"
SCP-#### (Subway Tokens) SCP
"1ESSIE" 75Ω
Sapphic Skies
written by @l1lyposting
"Silver Halide"
River Racing Witchcraft
"Capacitive Touch" 75Ω?
Witch Beach Episode Witchcraft
Untitled Airship Story
"Appalachian Trail" Witchcraft
"Candlelight" Witchcraft
A Friday In Another Boston
"NTSB Mosaic"

I have a thread of these threads on Twitter here if that's helpful

My stories are strangely and disjointedly written because I originally wrote them on twitter (with the exception of "The Battery", which became too long to reasonably post on twitter very quickly)

A discussion of what inspired me can be found here.

The stories are listed in chronological order, which is also the correct reading order, although "Road Trip" is probably the best starting point for the Witchcraft continuity.
The "continuities" are extremely rough and mostly serve as a way for me to organize everything in my mind.
Twitter's interface is utterly miserable to use if you aren't logged in (and still has its problems if you are), so I decided to repost my stories on here (and then ended up writing some too long to put on twitter)

These stories are works of fiction and any resemblance or shared names with any real persons living or dead is entirely coincidental.

Last new story posted: May 13, 2023
This page last updated (i.e. stories newly reposted on here): May 13, 2023